Friday, 20 February 2015

Skopje 1 - The Old Centre (Stara Carsija)

Today we had a great adventure going to the old city walk of Skopje. We met many women and men asking for free money but they weren't euros they were called dinar.

First there was a museum which used to be a bath house, there were lots of pictures with patterns and statues of funny men.

Next we found the best kebapi in all of Skopje its name is Destan.

There was a church called church Sveti Dimitri and we had a look but unfortunatly no pictures were allowed inside.

Then we found a market with many clothes and snacks. I decided to take a seed biscuit even though I didn't know what it was... But it was good. 

Then we went on to a fortress called Kale. We decided to let a guide show us everything and it was very interesting.

But we had a lot of fun and I will see you next time.


Comments by Tonio (aka my Dad):

That's Gianluca laughing his head off, almost literally, in the picture above. Good sign. It shows he's enjoying himself!

Well, so am I, although this adventure, a real adventure this time for me and Gianluca, began on the wrong footing with me forgetting the telephone charger at home - panic! - resolved by buying another one at the Skopje airport arrivals area, with the kind help of our new Macedonian friend, Ana. The following morning, our first day here, we went for our city walk and found the main square, the main meeting point for people in Skopje, the central square with a huge "Warrior on a Horse" monument, mostly closed off for laying new flooring.

But never mind. We skirted the works and set off to do a walking route through the Old Centre of Skopje.

We saw lots of interesting monuments, works of art, beautiful squares... starting off with a couple of young Macedonian ladies having a chat...

... one of whose great grandfather was standing on top of a pedestal in the background, brandishing a flag.

The Vardar river splits Skopje into the old centre, which is mainly Muslim, and modern Skopje, which is mainly Christian Orthodox. The two sides are joined by an old stone bridge, the Kamen Most, the official symbol of Skopje.

So difficult to take a selfie. Either my arm is too short or my head is too big and fills up the whole picture. I can't figure out how the others do it!

And there's another Macedonian lady, trying to work up enough courage to jump into the cold water ...

Over the bridge, we walked into Karpos' Rebellion Square, adorned with lots of statues, including The Warrior (Philip II, Alexander the Great's father), and the same Alexander's mother holding Alexander the Great when he was still little:

The end of the square leads into the old centre itself, and it's as if you're crossing into a different country, most decidedly oriental/Muslim, complete with bazar, mosques and bathhouses.

The domed roof of a bathhouse that served as a harem once, but is now an art exhibition centre:

The Mustafa Pasha Mosque dominating the skyline of this section of the city:

Our first time ever inside a mosque, strictly without shoes:

The fortress is lit up in the evening ...

... as is the largest cross in the world that towers above the city...

... and the Archaeological Museum:

Simply beautiful, and that's just the first day!

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  1. Love to read both your blogs so interesting Macedonia looks like such an enchanting place must vist one day waiting to read more !