Friday, 15 May 2015

No. 44 - Duisburg, late afternoon on a May weekday

Today was a very short adventure at Duisburg near Tervuren.

We started at 44 in a field and we came to a tunnel of trees. "Do you think this tunnel was made by hand or did nature do it?" I asked. "I certainly don't know," Tonio replied.

After  the tunnel on to 410 we saw such a beautiful landscape view but unfortunately I was too short to see because of the corn that was blocking the view.

Then we went on to 409 then 408. "Noooooooooo!" I said as we reached the main street and the road was bustling with cars and vans. Then on the road we reached 45.

We went into an alley. We met a few chickens. "Insellimlek," Tonio said (which means hello in Maltese.)

And then we went back into the farm. We came into a crossroad. "We came from there!" I said out loud. "No we came from there," Tonio said. Apparently he was right because he pointed out everything we had already seen from that path. "I was right this time," Tonio said proudly. "I'm only a child," I replied with doggy ears.

But we had a great time and I'll see you in the next adventure.


Tonio's version:

We set off from Duisburg, a small village, that forms part of Tervuren, in the early evening.

Our "adventures" have unfortunately become few and far between. Gianluca remarked that at this rate it will take us much more than 12 years (our initial estimate based on one per week) to go through all the numbers. Maybe to catch up we can do several walks each week in the evenings on weekdays. At this time the hours of daylight make it possible to go for a walk quite late in the day. And at this time of day the countryside is simply beautiful.

Just the sound of a light wind blowing through the trees.

I hope we manage to do many more similar summer evening walks!

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