Monday, 4 January 2016

Adventure from point 59 at Leefdaal

Today has been a cold day for us. We started at 59 but Tonio forgot his camera so we had to squelch back in the mud and get the phone. Then we took the picture.

We saw quite a few dogs on the way. Tonio isn't a big fan of dogs. We also met a few donkeys, three to be precise. Tonio called them and one of them came. Tonio stroked it and the other two came. I stroked one too. They were so cute.

Then we had to go on a road. There was no pavement so we had to walk on the street. I found a stick and started walking with it. Tonio thinks I look like Moses when I do that so I pointed out that I should be in front.

We came to 509 when there was a fork. we could either go the long route to 502 then 501 or go straight to 59. Tonio wanted to go the long route but I said I was tired and there wasn't anywhere to sit. Bad idea. The passage was so muddy and slippery. Tonio almost fell 4 times and I fell once. It was quite uncomfortable for the rest of the journey.

Of course, the wintery scenery was beautiful as usual. The trees with no leaves, the muddy ground, the clear fields, the wind blowing against us. Definitely wintery.

But, we had fun and took in some lovely views. And I'll see you on the next adventure.


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