Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Witty in Sint-Joris Weert

Today, we weren't sure if we would go on an adventure because in Belgium, the weather can change before you know it but we went on one anyway. On the way there, it started raining heavily. Tonio had said that hopefully, the rain would stop. And guess what. It did! Just as we went out of the car, the rain just stopped. It did rain a few times throughout the adventure but there wasn't any heavy rain. What a stroke of luck!

Our adventure was from 101, then 100 to 108 to 107 and back to 101. It was a short adventure today because we weren't sure about the weather but it still felt long.

When it rained I said, "Its raining cats and dogs. Woah! I almost stepped on a poodle." Ha! Best pun ever. We also made other puns later in the adventure.

We saw a bench. It was a strange bench that had writing on it that said, "Johan Greet" whatever that means. Probably something in Dutch...

As we came to 108, we saw an ice cream van. I took a double scoop both vanilla and Tonio also took a double scoop but one with banana and one with moka. They were really good but I don't know why I took an ice cream because it was already cold without it.

As we walked on, I said, "Its a shame that we can't swim with dolphins in Disney World." This summer we will be going to Orlando and to Disney World for 8 days and I think its going to be soooo cool! There are going to be so many rides. You do know that Disney world is almost 300 square kilometres! But we can't ride with dolphins because its too expensive. I said, "If we could go we would have a dolphin of a time." Another pun.

In the middle of 107 to 101, I asked Tonio if he knew about the colour of a mirror. He said the mirror is the colour of the things it is reflecting. But I said it is actually a slight shade of green. Then I said, "what do you call a mirror that can use internet? Google Chrome!" Not a pun but good enough.

And as the adventure ended we went into the car and drove home. Did you like it? If you did then come again to another adventure!


[By Tonio:] Early afternoon today the sun was shining bright, so we decided to prepare some snacks and map out a route for our next adventure. When we were ready a few minutes later, the sky was overcast and it was raining heavily. The weather had been alternating that way all morning, so we decided to go in spite of the rain, hoping that by the time we arrived at the start the rain would have stopped.

And so it was. The sun was shining again when we left the car at Sint-Joris Weert, close to Oud Heverlee. We had our raincoats handy, of course, and soon enough we had to put them on. The weather was crazy all day today and throughout our walk I had to keep putting the raincoat on and taking it off again, as it was too warm while the sun was shining.

A few minutes into our adventure, I mentioned a (not so) old joke of ours to Gianluca. I told him that, rather than "dripping wit" (the old joke) today we would soon be dripping wet. Apparently Gianluca considered this to be a challenge, and he came back at once with, "It's raining cats and dogs. I almost stepped on a poodle," which I didn't get at once but when I did I groaned loudly - a good sign that it was a good pun. He followed this up later with speculation that if on his upcoming holiday he gets to swim in a water park with a dolphin, he would have "a dolphin of a time" (more groans), and pointed out that a mirror with internet is called "Google chrome", which he himself admitted was an awful joke, although simple minded me thought it was actually quite good.

The places we walked through today were beautiful, and made even more so by the sun those times when it came out. Most of them we have already been, although Gianluca couldn't recall any of them. There were open plains where we also saw a couple of deer, narrow muddy paths in the forest, a playing area with an ice cream van, from where we bought an ice cream each and where I had my very first attempt at a conversation in Dutch with the old vendor. Mid-way in our walk we rested on a bench made from a hollowed out tree trunk.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable adventure. As usual.

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