Monday, 8 January 2018

Hot turnip soup (Adventure no. 118)

After our holiday break, we have returned to our weekly adventures. Today, because of the cold weather and the freezing cold we decided to make it a short adventure.

We started off by walking by my favourite type of adventure between two active farms. We saw some type of vegetable on the floor and Tonio thought that they were turnips. The field became clear that it was growing the “turnips” because of the mountain of them we saw a few seconds later.

We still got to go to the same forest we've been going to for the past few adventures. We managed to remember one of our paths that we had been in two or three adventures ago. It was the same adventure as when we had seen the military base.

We walked out of the forest into more farms. When we found number 119 we had to walk to one of the few starting points for newcomers . It was a strange path made of grass and two edges. It curved around one of the farms and into a parking lot where the starting point was. Then we had to do a bit of off-roading (more like on-roading if you ask me) and we went to a cosy café which was all about cycling. We both bought a soup that could have been turnip soup...

After some more on-roading I saw the car and, as always, sprinted to it. We went in the car and drove home... Did you enjoy our winter adventure? If you have then make sure to join us in our next one in Adventures In Dijleland!


P.S. Make sure to check out Tonio's blog called The Wanderer.  He writes about his journeys to different countries. Hope you enjoy!

[by Tonio]: It didn't take us long this 2018 to go on our first 'adventure'. Being at the peak of winter, and myself still recovering from a flu and an ever shaky backbone, we kept it short and sweet. It makes sense not to stay out too long in the cold because it would take away most of the enjoyment.

Our not-too-long walk started at 118 at the edge of Vaalbeek, next to a quaint roadside shrine.

We turned into a country road that leads into farmland. It was mostly farmland today, and the exact weather and ambience to experience the bleakness of winter in Belgium.

Gianluca considered this plain too flat to give a good picture, but I thought I could prove otherwise.
Contrary to many, I find the desolation and miserable appearance of this season to be rich in character. When Gianluca asked what I meant by this I found it difficult to explain. All I could say was that the pictures I was taking might hopefully serve to express what I meant.

Shortly before we reentered the car, we stopped at an empty Flemish pub - empty except for the owner who was watching a TV transmission of a mountainbike race being held in nearby Heverlee - for a much needed mug of hot soup.

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