Friday, 12 October 2018

The cow convention (Adventure 218)

As we arrived at the starting point, we found out that the adventure went through the middle of a convention for cows. The first session we saw was of meditation.

In the adventure, we got into this huge conversation about evolution and which species were most successful in the world and why humans had almost no positive effect on the world. While we were discussing this, we passed a few other sessions of the cow convention. We passed mountain climbing, gym and even the buffet.

It was accidental but Tonio planned the route so that we were doing the exact opposite of what we did some time ago when it was snowing. Remember that? The scenery was completely different then. The snow, the croaking of our footsteps, the snow angel and even the tractor tracks. Now it was sunny, warm with vibrant colours and a nice breeze to go with it. I'm not sure which one was better. Tonio prefers the snow one.

But in the end, we went back to the car and drove home. Did you enjoy our adventure? If you did then make sure to join us on our next one. And also, make sure to check out Tonio's blog called The Wanderer. But for now, that’s all folks!


[By Tonio]:

After I had planned today's walk, from no. 218, I realised that it was exactly the same route we had done last winter, a memorable Saturday morning when we went out quickly to walk in the snowy landscape before it all melted. But the other way round. I even parked in exactly the same spot. This time, however, the setting was completely different - early autumn (more like late summer) instead of the peak of winter.

The contrast was impressive. I took some pictures to compare with the snowy version.

I remarked that grazing animals - mostly cows today - create such a serene atmosphere. It was so beautiful.

In the picture above, the grazing animals were horses (far away on the right). I like to think they're the same horses we saw last winter, enduring the freeze.

Among various subjects, we discussed what would happen to the path we were using if mankind were to disappear from planet earth. We moved on to a more general picture and whether a new "dominant" species would emerge. I suggested that there need be no dominant species, in fact the very existence of such a concept could only mean that this species was being detrimental to the ecological equilibrium.

Like us.

Not very cheerful of me, I have to admit. I'm surprised Gianluca puts up with my ramblings. But the surroundings were really pleasant.

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