Sunday, 7 September 2014

Adventures in summer 2014

Summer, with various associated travel, holidays and changes in routine, has had a heavy toll on the 'adventure' activities that Gianluca and I love so much. It doesn't mean we haven't been active, but the  normal one walk per weekend has not been happening. I hope that soon we'll resume our walks, and that we'll continue to give our accounts of them in this blog.

Following are pictures of some of our best moments this summer.

'Arbour 'arbour - Malta, May 2014

We went for a harbour cruise while in Malta in May. It wasn't a walking tour of course, but it's worth mentioning here as a thoroughly enjoyable experience supplemented with a colourful commentary, replete with hilarious sentence construction and approximate vocabulary in English.

Our boat set off from the Sliema Ferries, skirted Manoel Island into Msida Creek, then followed the coastline of the peninsula on which Valletta is built. Gianluca was actually allowed to steer the boat for a short part of the trip.

We were rewarded with spectacular views of the Valletta Grand Harbour and the fortified towns that surround it.

The main breakwater:

The Upper Barrakka gardens next to the newly reconstructed lift, that connects the port disembarkation area to Valletta:

A 'gardjola', a lookout post, adorns the outer extremity of Senglea (L-Isla):

Fort St Angelo, which guards the old city of Vittoriosa (Il-Birgu):

It was all so beautiful!

Majjistral Park

During the same visit to Malta we went to a special adventure, at a natural park situated in the north west (Majjistral) of the island.

This is a rocky area next to the coastline, with views of 3 sandy beaches towards the south - Golden Bay, Għajn Tuffieħa and Ġnejna, further north Anchor Bay and across the sea the island of Gozo. The ground was rough, dry and barren. It's a typical landscape for Malta called 'garigue' (xagħri), consisting of hard rock with pockets of red soil where hardy plants grow. Some lizards and assorted bees and insects complete the picture. Again, wonderful views...


Back in Belgium, we managed to squeeze in a couple of walks, starting at nodes number 31 and 32. Both are close to a path with lakes on one side and a road on the other. Clearly, we were more interested in the lake:

Going up a hill after crossing the road, Gianluca stopped to study something on the ground.

It was a broken floor tile, and we wondered how it ended up there.

We concluded that dirt roads are made up of crushed material from broken down buildings. We saw various bits and pieces in the gravel as we walked. Looking up, we were rewarded with such lovely scenery.

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