Sunday, 21 September 2014

Tiles, hazelnuts and chestnuts in Overijse

Today it was an unbelievable day. I'm sorry but lately I have been busy so I couldn't write anything. But other than that we went over all the thirties (or at least most of them).

We saw tiles of all sorts and at the end a grasshopper but even now I'm wondering if he ate that leaf I gave him. Usually I'm right about things, and particularly in adventures for some reason, even though I'm a child... Today I was right about a chestnut, for Tonio didn't know. We found a whole lot of hazel nuts and chestnuts and as always there was a great scene.

I sat down on some very comfortable wooden logs when I was tired. We found the life cycle of the puddle the last time we went there only it was all water this time, but we had a spectacular time.


Tonio's version: We confirmed today the beauty of the countryside surrounding Overijse.

 This old farmhouse is being refurbished.

 Maize, almost ready for harvesting

It was threatening to rain most of the time but, luckily, we were spared getting wet although the ground was muddy in some spots as it has been raining quite heavily the last few days. Actually, today we covered ground that we had already been to, but we wanted to 'wrap up' the 30s on the map so as to move on to another area. It was still very interesting as we saw various changes since we last were here. In particular, it's harvesting time and we picked up a good amount of hazel nuts from the many that had fallen onto the ground. We also saw lots of corn ('maize' according to Wikipedia) ready to be harvested.

Close to the end of the walk, Gianluca picked up a broken tile, from the rubble used to surface the path, and said he wanted to keep it as a souvenir by which to remember these "adventures" when he grows old.

My eyes watered...

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