Friday, 25 March 2016

Montenegro adventure day 1

As we arrived out of the airport, there was a person holding the sign "Hotel M" and he was our taxi driver. He took us out and to a mall where we bought a few things we needed. Then we went to a restaurant called Pod Volat. At the restaurant I took roasted liver while Tonio took meat mix. Then we went to our hotel. The owner gave us some cake and the local drink. It was great. After that we went into our room which we got a choice of. Either just one room with two beds, a TV and a bathroom or two rooms, two TVs and a bathroom. We chose the better room but at a price. Then, we settled into our room, watched some TV and then drifted to sleep...

Did you have fun? Well if you did, join us next time, on Montenegro Adventures.

(Note, this first day isn't so exciting).

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