Friday, 1 April 2016

Montenegro adventure day 2

The next day I woke up in the morning while Tonio was having a shower. We got ready and went down to breakfast. The breakfast was good! The staff were treating us like special guests as if we were the only ones there. The owner gave us a cake but I'm not a big fan of cakes. So I said I was full.

After breakfast we got ready to go out. A taxi driver called Miko took us out for a tour to the bay of Kotor. It sounded interesting. First he took us to a monastery and there weren't any pictures allowed in the monastery of course. But even outside the inside of the monastery we couldn't take a picture. So we had to go outside to take a picture.

The town was called Cetinje and it used to be bustling with people but now all the factories and big companies have closed so they had to go to other big cities. The 10,000 remaining citizens have to go to bigger cities like Budova to go to work. There I bought a cheap umbrella that broke a little later.

After that we went into the mountains. As we rose higher the fog started coming and blocking our view. We stopped many times to take a picture. Finally, we reached the most beautiful view in all of Montenegro. Unluckily there was dense fog that made the view all the worse!

Suddenly, I started feeling car sick! Tonio advised me to lie down and not play my Nintendo 3DS xl. Then I got better. As we started going down, I saw the wonderful views of the bay of Kotor (shame I didn't get to see the best view. I could only see five metres ahead of me)!

Finally, we reached the bay of Kotor. There were many boats and clams on the walls of the bay. Kotor is also the place where the 1,300 stairs are. Miko took many pictures of us in the bay of Kotor and it was beautiful.

Then we reached Budva, a place where many teens and 20s people hang out. There we had our first Burek (the national food of Montenegro).

After that we went to Sveti Stefan, a hotel island which used to be a fishermen island. There were 400 fishermen but by 1940 fishing wasn't as popular and there were only 20 fishermen left. So they built a very expensive hotel instead. Celebrities have spent holidays there. There was also a red beach and we walked on it. It was refreshing.

Then we came back from the mountains. Although this time, it was not foggy. We stopped to take pictures many times for there was a beautiful view.

We went back and ate at Pod Volat. I took some chicken leg (it had a lot of salt) and Tonio took some "Lamb Under The Bell" a lamb shank which was very good!

After we went back to the hotel where the staff offered us the local drink again. After that we went into our room, watched some TV, I played a bit on my nintendo 3 DS xl, we brushed our teeth, I had a shower and finally we drifted off to sleep.

I had lots of fun that day. Did you have fun too? If you did then join us on the next day in The Adventures In Montenegro!


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