Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Abdij van 't park, or... switching to silly mode in Heverlee

Today, we had a surprisingly good day. I say surprisingly because in the map it said 68 to 69 and back. That was our route since 68 to 69 was really long. And it was all road. We hadn't our hopes up very high. But it was great!

We started off going into a place that Tonio was thinking of that moment. What a coincidence! He said that the place was where he wanted to take my mum and me.

Then Tonio said we could eat here now if we wanted but I said when we come back because I wasn't that hungry yet. And Tonio said neither was he. Then, we came to a point where there was a board and it showed all the history of the place Tonio said where we should eat. It was actually an abbey. It had three zones. One for the hunters, one for the trading, and one for the praying.

Then we reached 69 but it was blocked because of a dangerous bridge. But we saw the number so we went back.

After that, when we were going back, we went into the place Tonio said where we should eat. I had some prawns wrapped around breadcrumbs with fries and Tonio had a Caesar salad.

Finally We strapped ourselves in our seatbelts and drove home. Did you have fun? Because I have. If you have too join us in the next adventure!


[Tonio's version:] I was not looking forward very much to this one, from 68 to 69 and back, along what appeared to be an asphalted road from an industrial area at the edge of Heverlee towards a residential area in Leuven. It turned out to be one of our most interesting walks yet in Zuid Dijleland.

The route immediately led us into a forest path, always much better than a road with fast cars driving past. Spring is definitely in full swing now. It was warm and sunny and the forest so much more pleasant. I embarked on a sermon about selective memory after Gianluca mentioned that, every time whenever we encounter a rail crossing, the barrier comes down and we have to wait for a train to pass.

We reached the residential area but soon afterwards the route turned towards cultivated patches and a lake further along. At the time, I was thinking about an interesting abbey at the edge of Leuven, that I had reached when on a solo bike trip last summer, when lo and behold, we arrived at that same abbey!

We crossed through this "Abdij van 't Park de Heverlee", which is undergoing restoration, on towards no. 69, but the way was barred. A bridge over the railway leading to post 69 was blocked for safety reasons - a technician was investigating how it can be made safe again as parts of it are falling down...

We stopped at The Lodge for lunch. It's the same place where I took the selfie which is still my profile picture on Facebook. Lovely place.

On the way back, instead of philosophising, we switched to silly mode. Gianluca was humming something about snow - I sang the same tune in Maltese, mentioning "borra" (snow), which Gianluca insisted it sounds like "bucket"... on towards my invention of "Dik il-barbara Barbara Barbara marret barra mal-barri fil-borra." (That barbarian Barbara Barbara went out with the bull in the snow... Barbara is both a name and a surname in Malta).

It was a thoroughly enjoyable walk. Sorry, adventure.

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