Sunday, 1 May 2016

Spring springs alive in Heverleebos

Today, we started off by going past a graveyard and we had a bit of a look. It was not just a normal graveyard. It was giant with many sections of dead people in what times and nationalities.

We saw some trees that were red. "But how come they are red when it's spring?" I asked. "I don't know, replied Tonio. Maybe they were ever red trees!

After going to 68 we went into the forest. We took some pictures of Tonio and I on a bench but they didn't work out very well. As we continued, we saw a large tree stump. We counted and it was 150 years old! Shortly after that we saw another stump and it had a new baby tree on it. Tonio said that even when they cut the tree down it was still alive.

We found some logs and had a rest on them while talking about science. We were saying what we believed about the universe. Was it infinite? Was it only one of the countless universes? So many questions and so few answers. I think that the universe is always growing nonstop forever. But lets not drift off into that vast subject.

At last we came to the car and drove home. Did you enjoy reading this? If you did then come again to the next adventure!


[By Tonio]: The past week it was practically winter in late April in Belgium. Not today. We were rewarded with a brilliant day of sunny weather, and thoroughly enjoyed our walk in the Heverlee wood.

We set off along a longish straight path, with factory-like structures and military looking lorries on one side and a large field on the other. We passed by a large cemetery and more fields before entering the Heverleebos itself. It seemed as if, after last week's dismal weather, nature sprang forth in a kaleidoscope of colours. Rarely does a completely straight path provide so much spectacle.

Gianluca was inspired to come up with some atrocious puns mixed up with other good ones. It's clear that he's honing his skills for a hopefully witty future.

We discussed the nature of the universe, whether it is infinite, or whether it's a small bit of a much larger universe. Whether dark matter, since it's invisible, makes up the rest of what exists outside of the observable universe. Whether "nothing", which is what I speculated there is outside of the universe, can really be considered to exist at all...

Beyond the straight pathway we crossed underneath the E40 motorway towards another section of the wood that was just as spectacular. Too bad about the noise from the motorway that cuts right through the middle of this beautiful forest. But we didn't let this bother us at all. It was quite simply a lovely walk in a wonderful place.

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