Thursday, 29 September 2016

De Doode Bemde

[Tonio: I'm writing this piece alone this time. Gianluca is excused as he has to do lots of homework...]

I had to look up this blog to check where we had done our last Dijleland adventure before today. Since then, we have done the 'special' Leuven day, Bucharest, a three-week stay in Malta... hence the long delay.

Today we returned to the standard Dijleland adventure walks with a beautiful walk, made all the more so by glorious sunny weather. This year the weather in Belgium seems like it's been delayed by one month. It was still awful throughout July, then summer, well and proper, came in August and has been regaling us with an extension close to the end September, within the official season of autumn.

Our walk today started from the same spot as our previous adventure from no. 101/100. This time we stopped at 101 and walked towards 107 in the opposite direction of the last section of our previous adventure. Walking in the opposite direction the perspective is different, so it seemed as if we were walking along this path for the first time, except that we did remember particular spots and episodes from our previous walk every now and then. We marveled at the way we were recalling totally trivial episodes for the first time since we experienced them so many weeks ago.

It seemed it was going to be an unremarkable walk. But, as usual, there was something unusual and then it hit me. It's rare, quite rare, that our walk is bathed in such glorious sunshine. The only exceptions were one or two walks at the peak of summer a year back, but then it was much too hot, not like today. The clockwise loop from 101 took us to nodes no. 107, 106, 105, 104, 103, 102 and back to 101. It was the first time, as far as I can recall, that I did not need to check the map at any moment. We walked through streets in Sint Joris Weert but mostly through fields and paths next to the Dijle river, a nature park named Doode Bemde. We were in the very heart of Dijleland and it was so beautiful.

Close to the end of our walk, Gianluca came up with a hypothesis about life. He compared the universe, our universe and our lives, to a soap bubble. This bubble, our universe, is situated inside a bathroom, which is in itself another universe, the latter being just a microcosm of yet a larger universe, and so on. And he isn't even reading Stephen Hawking and such stuff yet...

An hour after the end of the walk the weather bubble burst. The sky clouded over and it started to rain. The idyll couldn't last forever, but we've enjoyed it so much while it did.

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