Sunday, 23 April 2017

Back to Iceland - day 1

Today, is probably the second shortest day of all of the days in Iceland. In today and all other days in Iceland, we have two special guests with us. My sister, called Roberta and my mum, Sue.

Now the plan of our few days in Iceland was: the first day we were in a guesthouse and for the rest we rented a nice cottage. Today's plan: we went to the guesthouse first then bought our groceries for the cottage. After that we "explored" Keflavik, the city where the guesthouse was and finally, we went to a restaurant in Keflavik. And of course we also went to the hotel and slept.

The guesthouse was called Kef guesthouse and it was quite a nice guesthouse.We went in and looked around our room. We unpacked few of our things because if we unpacked all of the things it would take a lot of time to pack them again for the cottage. And goodness there were a lot of things we packed before going to Iceland.

Next up on our plan: groceries. We looked at all of the supermarkets and we found Bonus. Since we researched (Tonio mostly), Bonus is the cheapest supermarket by far. We got our groceries which had some things we didn't need since the cottage already had them but we bought them anyway because we didn't know.

Then, we looked around Keflavik's coast. It was nice with scenery of the sea and the coast. I thought on the GPS that black dots meant a passage or unpaved road so I said there is some sort of passage that we could go to. It actually looked promising because there was a title of a passage and everything but it was blocked so it must have been a coincidence because I discovered later that black dots are actually just a ten metre mark.

After that, we went to a restaurant. I forgot its name but the food was amazing. I won't say what we ate because one, it'll take too long and two, I'm not sure about the food that we ate and I don't have Roberta to ask but the food was still really good.

The view from the restaurant in Keflavik

And at last, we went back to Kef guesthouse, did our evening chores and slept a nice and deep sleep.


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