Saturday, 17 December 2016

Iceland Adventure Day 4

Today, in the morning we didn't stop (or we tried not to stop) because our biggest priority was Glacier Lagoon, a lagoon that touches the biggest glacier in Europe but the glacier made the lagoon by itself by melting. We took one or two pictures from the car but we made it to the lagoon without stopping.

The lagoon had lots and lots of ice chunks in it, almost as many as how many pictures we took! We took about 50 in all and there was a seal on one of the ice chunks in the glacier! It was a cute, yet elegant seal and we took a picture of it but it was small because we had to take a picture from a distance since it was a protected species here in Glacier Lagoon. We saw it because we went on a boat around the lagoon.

Today was really a Glacier Lagoon day. Yes we did see some different places but the view (or whatever makes it a tourist site was the glacier. I'm not saying that's a bad thing because the views were spectacular.

After the sightseeing of the boat, Tonio went to a a beach with black sand and ice chunks. I couldn't go because I was freezing cold and I really needed some warmth in the car. Apparently, Tonio said there were many ice chunks not only on the beach, but in the water too!

We went to a lake next to the glacier and it was beautiful. We were experimenting on a little part of the frozen river, cracking it with stones and putting some of our weight on it. We were going to continue experimenting when a crowd of about 40 tourists came so we decided to leave. We're not very fond of big crowds so we try to avoid them as much as we can.

Next up, a place with a great view of the glacier. It was a tad dangerous so we were very careful for every step we took. We came to a place where it was very steep and I really wanted to go but Tonio said no so we walked back to the car, still cautious about where we were going.


In the end though, we went back to Hotel Nupar and drifted off to sleep...

This was quite a short day compared to the other days we were in Iceland for one reason. Because half of the day, we had to go back through all of the sights because we had a road to go to and back. But still, did you have fun? If you did, make sure to check out the next and last day of the adventures in Iceland!


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