Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Back to Dijleland!


We are back! Welcome back to our regular adventures in the world of Dijleland! The last adventure in Dijleland was last summer so we are glad to be back with a normal adventure.

Our reason for such a delay in the adventures is that my dad, Tonio, has injured his leg and couldn't walk normally for a while. We attempted to do an adventure but we never made it far because Tonio's leg started hurting so we went back home. Finally, today, we walked an adventure and finished it without Tonio's leg hurting.

We started walking at 107 and went to 108, 109 and back. It rounded up to 3.2 km and it felt much longer than it was.The unusual thing about this adventure was that we had an old map and apparently there was an update in passages. From 108 to 109 we had to pass 131 and 130.

The good thing about this adventure was that when we were going back, it was like we'd never been there before since we were viewing from the opposite side. There wasn't much of a view since we were mostly in a forest but there were some weird statues and lined up trees in a path. Overall a very nice forest.

In the end we went in the car and drove home but that's not it! We then stopped to take an ice cream. Tonio had banana flavour and I had blueberry. The blueberry was strange since it looked just like strawberry ice cream but tasted like blueberry.

At last, we went home and continued our lives. Did you have fun? If you did, join us on our next adventure!


Note by dad, Tonio:

It's been so long since our last adventure in Dijleland that we were a bit confused about which was the next number to do. We thought it was 107, but it could have been 108. So we took a picture next to both, also since no. 107 has probably the ugliest background of them all and 108 is much nicer. Whatever the case, we hope to resume from here, and hope also that our map is not obsolete yet. We noticed new numbers, which are not on our map, being indicated on the wooden posts - the red circles...


  1. Ma tkomplix! Rimarka qasira biss kienet tiegħi. Xtaqt inħalli dan isir iktar il-blog ta' Gianluca u inqas tiegħi.