Sunday, 22 October 2017

Finally, we're back - no. 516

We're finally back! We've been having some difficulties and we haven't done an adventure in a long
time. Tonio had a back injury and needed an operation and he couldn't walk well. But now he's
better and we can start adventuring again!

Today, we wanted to continue our 109 110 111 but the road was closed. We tried to go to 109 from
a different road but we couldn't so we decided to find a random number. The first number we saw that we hadn’t done before was 516. We looked at the map and made a route from 516 to 517, 518, 510, 511 and back to 516.

We started at a narrow passageway and I always love narrow passageways. I’m not sure why but I
think it’s because it assures me that there won’t be many cars around so we can walk wherever we
want on the road. Also, there won’t be any sounds of cars that distract us.

We walked through what looked like the tunnel of trees into the flatness of the plains. This is why
we didn’t take too many pictures. The plains were too flat but trust me the view was gorgeous.
There were so many colours of plants and flowers. It was great being on an adventure again. I can’t
wait for the next adventures to come.

Towards the end, we met some cows who were having lunch. When we walked towards them they
started looking at us. We said hello and one of the cows came barging in, and mooed! The cow
understood us! Now I can tell all my friends that I can speak cow language.

Finally, we reached our car, after the long walk, went inside and drove home. Did you enjoy our first
normal adventure in about six months? If so, then join us on our next adventure. But for now, that’s
all folks!


[by Tonio]:

... and five months later, after lots of medical consultations, analyses, surgery and then rehabilitation, I could finally resume walking properly.

We were supposed to start at Sint Joris Weert but the last stretch of road leading there was closed for works. I tried to follow the deviation signs - a long drive which fizzled to nowhere, or rather, I gave up trying to reach the place at Korbeek Dijle. I saw one of the wooden posts signalling a position in our Dijleland map, a large number we have not reached yet, and decided to work out an impromptu route from there.

Great success!

Such a pleasure to go back to walking along country lanes or passages between fields. The light was good for pictures, and where the plains were too flat to fill up anything much in the photos, a magnificent spectacle of large clouds playing around with the sunlight more than made up for it.

Close to the end of our walk, we stopped for a chat with a group of cows who were having their midday lunch. They were reluctant to voice their opinion, but eventually one of them threw all caution to the wind and came forth with a meaningful and significant: "Moo!"

Looking forward to many more adventures with Gianluca de Gringu!

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