Monday, 6 November 2017

A pug, the Tarzan tree and lots of fallen leaves

Adventure from point 112

Today, was quite a straightforward day. We got out of the car and started walking.

The strange thing today is that there isn’t much to talk about. Whilst we were walking we met a couple and their pug, the cutest pug in the world. I wish I could get a pug but Tonio doesn't allow meL

As we sauntered on, we saw a gate to our right. There was a sign on the other side of the gate that said in Flemish that said, ‘army territory’. Tonio decided not to take a picture of the sign because they might think that we could be some sort of spies.

Later on (we were still next to the army territory) there was another sign saying in Flemish once again, ‘dog patrolling’ which was quite surprising since there was no sign of dogs or humans leading the dogs anywhere around where we were.

After moving away from that, it started raining but not only rain, but also leaves. We had a bit of fun trying to catch the leaves mid flight. We caught around three but came close many more times.

Towards the end we found two abnormal trees. We called one of them the limbo tree because it looked like someone was doing the limbo. We gave two names to the other tree: the Tarzan tree and the snout tree. The Tarzan tree you can see why we called it that and the snout tree because the end of it looked like a pig's snout.

"The Tarzan tree"/"Snout tree" - a show of great strength by Gianluca
Ok, I’ve realised that there was quite a lot to talk about. We went in the car and drove to a friterie, which is French for a place that sells mainly fries. We went in there and had a takeaway because the friterie was closing in 5 minutes. Tonio had fries and sparkling water and I had fries, chicken wings and still water.

We strolled back to the car, ate our takeaways and drove home... 

Did you enjoy our adventure today? If you have, then make sure to join us on our next one in Adventures In Dijleland!


[by Tonio]:

Our walk today was one of the most straightforward that I can remember. Except for a bridge crossing and coming back from a different point across the same road, it was mostly along wide paved paths in the Meerdaalbos forest, the loop being roughly the shape of a square.

Most, but not all leaves, have now fallen from the trees, creating a thick reddish-golden-brown soft carpet on the ground. Each step produced that pleasant shuffly crunch, typical of an autumn stroll in the forest. Around us, leaves floated down in erratic paths. So erratic they're almost impossible to catch. Almost... Gianluca managed to catch one or two.

Along the way, a couple with a pug caught up with us. I like pugs. Gianluca patted the top of its head. We smiled at them and they walked on. That's the way it should be with dogs. Any more and it's too much. They bark. They wreck the house. Not to mention the toilety stuff. But as long as you don't need to look after them... This pug was okay: funny and friendly.

Close to the end of our walk, the leafy rain slowly changed into a watery rain, the real wet thing.

No problem. The car was only a few hundred metres away.

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