Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Adventure 116: coming out of the forest

Today, was our shortest adventure in this series. There is a pattern along these adventures. After the break, we had our shortest adventure yet, then our longest, then last adventure we beat the longest adventure and this adventure, we beat the shortest adventure.

We started off walking on the bridge between the plains and the forest. It wasn’t actually a bridge but it was a patch that separated the plains from the forest. On that subject I asked Tonio if he liked the plains or the forest better. Tonio said the forest at the moment because of all its colours. I understand why but I think because of the repetitivity of the forest I chose plains. And the plains wouldn’t be as repetitive as the forest is now because of the diversity of the plains.

We took a right into the forest and the familiar colours burst into view. Then, one way or another, we started a discussion about outside the universe. Then that conversation developed into reincarnation and our beliefs and hopes.

Tonio was still taking a lot of pictures and we saw that some of them were proving to be very similar. This is one reason why we need to get out of the forest. Luckily, 117 (our next adventure) is outside of the forest.

I've just realised, there is another pattern in our last 4 adventures. 4 adventures ago was a lot about the scenery. 3 adventures ago it was all about conversation. Last adventure, was mostly about the view again and this adventure we were talking most of the time and it was almost as if we were ignoring the view.

Tonio was taking pictures of the ground. ‘Why are you taking a picture of the ground?
 I asked. ‘Because it looks nice. Now see it on the blog and you’ll understand.’ He replied. And he was right.
It’s quite strange and ironic that even though this was our shortest adventure, this is probably the most I’ve written about an adventure in a long time.

At the end, we went into the car and drove away... Do you think that this adventure was short but packed? If you do think so, then make sure to join us on our next adventure in Adventures In Dijleland!


Ps. A few weeks ago we went to France on holiday. Make sure to see what Tonio commented about the few days we were there in a blog called The Wanderer. Bye!

[by Tonio]:

In contrast to last week, today's walk was one of the shortest we've ever gone in Zuid Dijleland. We chose a smaller loop, starting from no. 116, because the following day Gianluca would be taking part in a competitive table-tennis tournament, so it wouldn't be a good idea to tire him out.

Bit by bit, we're beginning to come out of the forest at Oud Heverlee. In fact, we started at the edge of the forest so that on one side we had a view of open fields to our left. Further on, we moved back into the forest, which, contrary to what I had predicted the previous week, was still proudly wearing its coat of colourful autumn leaves. This year, we have really enjoyed this beautiful season to the full.

Driving back, I remarked to Gianluca that today's adventure was one of the most uneventful ever. He disagreed. I'm quite looking forward to his version, so maybe I can discover the events that I can't recall anymore.

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