Wednesday, 4 April 2018

A very conversational adventure - number 208

Today, we barely even looked at the view because for the whole adventure we were just talking. This is what the adventure looked like pretty much the whole way: 

At first, I told Tonio about this documentary of how man evolved. I don’t know how this subject came into our heads but we spent over half of the adventure talking about it. From the first cell to us... it’s fascinating just thinking about how far we've come. And to think it all came from one tiny cell?! Crazy.

Over the next half it was such a jumble. We started talking about quantum dynamics and that people who mention it are most probably pseudo-scientists that have no idea what they're talking about. We talked about two brothers messing around with a sound machine and they couldn’t get rid of this echo-sounding thing. They brought it to some science lab and they then figured out that the echo was actually the echo of the big bang. We also talked about how once I start mumbling I cannot stop. And I really am a mumbler; the amount of "likes" and "sort ofs" I was using in the sentences would be impossible to count. I can just imagine being a news reporter and not knowing a thing I’m saying but saying it anyway (this is how it links to quantum dynamics).

Apart from that the view was ok, nothing special but it was a perfect place for us to talk. Almost complete silence except for our crunching footsteps and our voices.

After our long, strange conversation, we went back to our car and drove home... Did you enjoy our conversational adventure? If you did then make sure to join us on our next one. Also, make sure to check out Tonio's blog called The Wanderer. He has recently posted on our holiday in Morocco! So do take a look. But for now, goodbye!


Make-believe giant chocolate

[by Tonio]:

We have pretty much exhausted this area, so it's becoming a bit repetitive. Again, it was muddy: we walked along country lanes surrounded by crop fields, many of which at this time in the beginning of spring are freshly ploughed in preparation for seeding.

Again, and I'm certainly not complaining about this, the sky regaled us with a spectacle of its own - what I like to call 'skyscapes'. I've built up a nice of collection of them by now.

Whenever we're not too interested in the surrounding landscape, Gianluca fills the gap with 'conversation'. He proceeded to recount 13 billion years of the history of the universe, from the big bang to the evolution of humans, that he watched on a documentary at integrated science class in school. We mentioned the ice ages, dinosaurs and the survivors of the cometary impact 65 million years ago, including insects (I awarded them the title of the most successful life form on earth). I pointed out that he was taking some shortcuts, especially when he jumped from the formation of the first molecules to the formation of the first living cells. I can't help it, being a pedant is my main role during my stay in the aforementioned universe. We discussed the radio echo of the big bang, the senses and which of them are the most important, whether it would be a good thing not to feel anything at all (and thereby avoid feeling pain)... Quantum dynamics came into the picture. Here, it was my cynical side that came to the fore. I remarked that any seller who mentions the word "quantum" while marketing their product is almost certainly a fraud. No one understands the concept except physicists.

And so the merry conversation went. For the first time we walked two separate paths during the last couple of hundred metres towards the car. We took pictures to commemorate the event.

Gianluca is the tiny speck to the right of the fourth pole

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