Saturday, 2 June 2018

A Very Froggy Adventure - Doode Bemde park, Neerijse

We are back from our break in Scotland and back with a good old adventure.
Today, was quite a strange one (as usual) and we started off walking in a place that was starting to get familiar.
We quickly went off track on to a steep uphill. After a bit of walking I found a small path leading somewhere. I was curious and followed it and it turned out that it led to an old bench facing the river. We stopped and had a little break and I noticed the bees and butterflies swirling around the plants. Then I thought of how much more peaceful the world could be without us humans. People say dinosaurs were terrorising the earth but we humans are worse.

But on to a more positive subject. Before the adventure we didn't know if we should go on a long route or a short one back to the car. We postponed the decision, based on how we would be feeling. I let Tonio choose, so he chose the longer route but quickly changed his mind and chose the shorter route because the passage looked nicer as we would be passing in between two rivers, and also since we had already been on the long route. After about 20 metres walking the short route he stopped and said we would be passing the short route in other adventures. But then I pointed out that surely if we would be passing the short route in other adventures we would also be passing the long route in other adventures. So we turned around for the third time and kept walking.

We saw the first river with a swan in it but nothing too special but in the second river it was covered with algae and I spotted a very well camouflaged frog in the algae. I said the whole thing looked like the green on a golf course.

After walking a little bit more we saw a whole hoard of baby frogs crossing the roads all around us. It was like lots of giant ants. The frogs must have been crossing the road from river to river. I don’t think I've ever seen as many animals (apart from humans) in my life than the amount of frogs crossing the street.
But at last, the adventure came to an end as I sprinted to the car and we drove home. Did you enjoy our adventure? If you have so then make sure to join us on our next one. Also, make sure to check out Tonio's blog called The Wanderer. But for now, Goodbye!


[by Tonio]:

Next to the village of Neerijse, there's a lovely park called Doode Bemde. This is where our route passed today, along the meandering path of the Dijle river which gives the name to the Zuid Dijleland region where we have our walks.

Spring is quickly leading into summer and nature has really sprung into life now: fields dotted with different coloured flowers, bees busying themselves around them, tiny newly-hatched frogs leaping dangerously across footpaths towards the nearest body of water... The temperature was the perfect medium, the sun staying generally hidden behind thin clouds and thereby sparing us from too much glare. It was beautiful. The pictures can tell the rest of the story.

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