Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Dijleland adventure from no. 63

Today, we went from 60 to 63 but we took the picture of 63 in the middle of the adventure and then to 64 and back along a route that wasn't with the numbers on the map. We passed by what we think is a cherry blossom tree but we're not sure. The only information we know is that it's flowers are whitish pink and it only blooms for 2 weeks.

As we went on, I said "What does light green and dark green represent on the map?" "I think the dark green represents paved and light green not paved. But on the map it said dark green is tarmac and light green is non tarmac.

We went into a forest and saw two strange benches. We tried to do a selfie there but it didn't work. So instead, Tonio took a picture of me on the bench. There were also some pull-up bars and I tried to hang on them. The tallest one was too tall for me so I had to get a really heavy and long log so I could reach it.

Then we went into a tunnel which was the under the same road we went to in the last adventure (but in Dijleland). And Tonio was doing his priest thing again...

We continued through the forest and I said, "Why don't we take a picture here? I like this line of trees." "If you want to take a picture, take it from here then if you like the line of trees."

When we reached sixty-four, we were about to turn back as we were supposed to on the map but I said "Why don't we go from here? It will probably still lead us back where we were supposed to go." "I don't think so." Tonio replied. "But I'll check on the map anyways." And turns out I was right! So we went the other way and it led us back as said on the map.

Then, on the way to the car, I said, "I'm hungry. Should we get something to eat?" "Sure. How about that snack place?" So we had two plates of fries, a coke and a Belgian beer called Orval. Then we went in the car and came home...

Did you enjoy it? If you have then join us on our next adventure!


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