Sunday, 20 November 2016

Iceland adventure day 3

Today [Tonio: 1 November], we had a lot of things to do but little time. We woke up, did everything to do in the early morning, and went straight into adventure.

It was -2 degrees when we started off by going to an old farm from the 19th century but evidence showed that some building parts dated back to the 11th and 12th century. It was very cute with a cute chapel with cute houses and a cute graveyard. I don't know if you can call a graveyard cute but anything small is cute to me.

Then, we went to a big waterfall called Seljalandsfoss. It wasn't just one waterfall though. There were a group of waterfalls there and we saw all of them but one was unfortunately too dangerous for my arm but at least it was still visible from where we were. Tonio took a video because water was falling.

After the waterfalls we went into a glacier. We were driving on a road next to it when I told Tonio about this road cutting inito the glacier. Tonio said we had too little time but I insisted. Just as we were about to pass the road we saw a sign and it said something like this, "Glacier Tourism Hike just 2km away". Tonio read the sign and said that we should see what there was. We drove on that road and found out that it was a big attraction. Tonio said that if it wasn't for me, we wouldn't see this place but I think we would've still gone there without me saying anything. We walked until we could touch the ice of the glacier. We took many pictures there including us touching the ice. My fingers went numb touching the ice and I hate it when any part of my body goes numb.

Apart from the main places we went to there were many great views and little parking areas to take pictures from so we took many pictures of the mountains in the south coast and it was perfect for pictures because the sun was always opposite the mountains at a perfect angle that was low and lighting all the southern coast.


We went to a little place which I forgot its name and it was a little area where there were lots of stones piled up because there was a story where there used to be a farm but it was destroyed in the first recorded eruption of a volcano which I also forgot its name. Whenever a person passes by for the first time they need to add a stone to the piles of stones everywhere to give good luck but unfortunately I forgot why or who needed good luck and I hate myself for forgetting all these things that I should remember!

Lastly, we went to a hotel called Nupar. It was a very strange hotel with just one floor and the rooms like cabins but despite all the weirdness of the "hotel" it was very nice and they even had a list that if there are northern lights, they will knock on our door to wake us up and see them. We put ourselves on that list. We had dinner there and it was quite delicious. I had lamb soup and Tonio had pork fillet.

Finally, we settled down into our cabin room 29, crawled into bed and went to sleep...

Did you have fun? If you have then join us on our next adventure in Iceland!!!


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