Sunday, 18 February 2018

A 'flatty' adventure

Today, was a mix of many adventures that we’ve had before, some so old that they aren’t even in the blog!

The points stop abruptly at 125 and the next point is at 200, so the adventure started there.

If we hadn’t worn our walking shoes this adventure would be a struggle. About half of the adventure was us navigating the marsh-like path even though our surroundings looked nothing like a marsh.

A shadow selfie: in Maltese you could say it's a dellfi...

At the beginning of the adventure, there was a steep uphill. While we were going up Tonio predicted that this adventure would be "very hilly". He couldn’t have been more wrong. For the rest of the adventure the ground was as flat as a pancake.

A lot like adventure 516 (the first adventure in the mix) the clouds contrasted the flat terrain which made nice pictures. The clouds were so nice that they deserved a few pictures by themselves.

A field of soil looked like rich dark chocolate. It looked so good that I was tempted to reach out my hand, get some soil and taste it, even though I knew that it was just going to taste like soil. It reminded me of a very old adventure we had where we saw a field that had also looked like chocolate. But the chocolate in that adventure was much neater and looked more like chocolate powder as the grains were much smaller and lighter.

As we turned to the right there was a change of scenery. We passed through what looked like a tunnel of trees (ahem adventure 516 ahem) and the fields turned into the simplest green grass. This reminded me of a saying ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. Although we didn't mention it in our blog posts, in almost every adventure we complain that if we went the other direction it would have been nicer. I said to Tonio that if we both went in opposite directions we would both say that the other direction was nicer. This brought me to another thought. One reason we humans are still sane and not extinct is because we always want better than what we have. So greed in a way is actually a gift because without greed I don’t think we would still be alive. We wouldn’t have evolved as humans and we would have stayed in our barbaric ways.

We proved the fact that the grass was always greener on the other side literally. We saw three donkeys eating grass (we also saw donkeys a few adventures ago). They ignored us at first but after about 30 seconds a donkey started walking towards us. We took some grass and fed it to the donkey even though he had a whole field of grass to eat from. We fed him some more grass and another donkey came towards us. We fed it some grass and suddenly he brayed for ten seconds straight. It must have meant 'thank goodness' in donkey language. I thought he was thinking ‘thank goodness I finally managed to eat some grass from the other side that is clearly greener’ but it was in fact ‘thank goodness she has come’. The 'she' was the owner of the donkeys with dinner. No wonder they were eating so much grass. They had come to us thinking that the grass was greener and tastier on the
other side even though they had a whole field of grass surrounding them. The saying is correct. The grass is always greener on the other side.

And finally, we went to the car and drove home. Did you enjoy our adventure? If you did then make sure you join us on our next adventure. Also, if you haven’t already, make sure to check out Tonio's blog called The Wanderer. But for now, that’s all folks! See you on our next adventure in Adventures In Dijleland!


[by Tonio]:

Into the 200s and back to the origin of this blog, close to Huldenberg and the place where we had the idea to start chronicling our adventures in Dijleland. I started off the day with my famous last words: "I think today's adventure will be hilly". Indeed, the first path was rather steep, but it turned out by the middle of our walk that today's adventure was actually... flatty.

It was also a bit of an interesting mix of our "post-sciatica operation" walks, minus the forest. For example, the sky rewarded us with an interesting and sometimes spectacular mix of cloud formations and play of light...

... and we finished off our adventure yet again with a close encounter with farm animals. After talking to cows, horses and rams on previous occasions, today it was the turn of two donkeys. Again, it took quite some persuasion to establish trust, but when the ice was broken, we had them literally eating out of our hands.

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