Wednesday, 28 February 2018

A 'special' adventure with Sue - no. 204 at Loonbeek

As you have seen in the title, there is something special about this adventure. Today, we have brought with us Sue, my mother. She hadn’t been outside for a while and it was a nice day so we decided to go for an adventure together.

We started off on a path that quickly went off the beaten path. Ice littered all of the nooks and crannies everywhere. Many times I couldn’t resist picking up a pebble and throwing it at the ice.

The view varied a number of times from dry soil everywhere around to a farmhouse. The good thing for Sue was that she chose the perfect time to join us. This was one of the nicer adventures. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the warmest. The wind seemed to always be against us and it only seemed to get colder as we continued. Luckily, Tonio prepared some hand warmers for us. These hand warmers go on for about 8 hours so even a few hours after the adventure I was using it to warm our hands.

And finally, we went back to the car and drove home...

Did you enjoy our adventure? If you have then make sure to join us on our next adventure in Adventures In Dijleland. Also, check out Tonio's blog called The Wanderer. But for now,


[by Tonio]:

We had a special guest with us today: Sue. For her, we reserved one of the most beautiful walks since a long time. It was sunny - our third successive adventure with sun shining into our faces during the second half of the walk. Not bad for winter in Belgium.

But it was also freezing, and this created an interesting effect on the ground. In the previous two weeks, the sky stole the show with an interesting interplay between sunlight and constantly changing cloud formations. Today, with no clouds at all and a brilliant blue sky, our attention turned to the ground.

We saw icy puddles, many of which Gianluca tested for solidity by hurling stones at them...

... martian landscapes:

... and strange icy shapes. Curiously, in some cases where puddles had frozen over the surface formed like a glass sheet with a void underneath. Pity that, a few seconds after this picture was taken the heart shaped loop was no more, having been shattered by you-know-who. With the forecast temperatures, it had every chance of remaining intact for a whole week. Oh, well.

Interesting and photogenic as our outing was today, we were glad to go back inside the heated interior of the car and back home for a warm coffee.

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