Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Back to the Moses stick: it's the quality that counts!

Today, the unusual thing about this adventure was that there really isn’t much to talk about. This adventure will probably be posted just after number 200: we didn't have time to post because we were on holiday in Bulgaria.

We started walking at about 3:00 in the afternoon. We are now walking in afternoons instead of mornings. The reason for that is we wanted to change things up a bit. In its ways the sun is much nicer because of the orange afternoon glow as it shines on the fields. Personally I prefer it.

Towards the middle of the adventure I went back to my old ways. I found a perfect stick and used it for support. I call it the Moses stick because in many stories with image he had a stick while leading the Israelites out of Egypt. A few minutes later we passed a corner and there were about five dogs that passed us. Tonio isn’t the biggest fan of dogs so he wasn’t too happy. Those were the animals of the day.

Even though I don’t have much to write, the view wasn’t any less beautiful. It reminded me of the day of the amazing drive in Iceland with the sun a similar colour as it gleamed on the mountains to our left.

Finally, we went back to our car and drove home. Did you have fun? If you did then make sure to join us on our next adventure. Also, be sure to check out Tonio's blog called The Wanderer. Hope to see you in the next adventure in Adventures In Dijleland!


[By Tonio]:

Today's walk was very much a continuation of last week's, without the spectacular clouds. Or any farm animals. I did manage, however, to take a few interesting pictures. Nothing much happened. In fact, we considered this to be one of the least eventful of our adventures. We just walked, chatted and enjoyed the scenery.

We discussed whether it's possible to have a situation where quantity would be more important than quality. You could say that today's pictures are an illustration of the rule, i.e. that it's the quality that counts.

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