Sunday, 30 March 2014

Adventure recorded on the blog 3

Incredible day today we went on a very incredible adventure as we say in Maltese: avventura inkredibbli. Anyways we first talked about how many kilometres that we needed to complete this adventure on to math then food and all sorts of things.

We always do a picture when I'm showing the starting number when we started the adventure.

We saw horses, chicken, lots of flies and a poor worm squashed by a motorcycle or a bicycle, but we didn't do any pictures of them.

We went from 29 - 261 - 312 - 38 - 39 - 313 - 29. It was 5 kilometres and I didn't rest once! In the middle of the adventure I fell in to some sort of spiky leaves and even right now when I'm writing this blog they hurt me. But Tonio and I thoroughly enjoyed it and you are probably enjoying our blog too. I'll see you soon.

Gianluca De Gringu

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  1. Nice Blog Gianluca, keep walking! Daniel would like to try some of these walks himself - maybe see you on the road?