Monday, 10 March 2014

Summary of adventures we had in the past

We have had a lot of adventures in the past but as Tonio my dad said he was the one who thought the idea to do these blogs although I was the one who wanted Tonio to do a journal. We've had lots of adventures, sometimes in the muddy plains where I invented the moon walking idea and it helped us step carefully to the side or in between the mud. Usually I have a stick to help me jump over the big muddy puddles like the pole in the athletics. We mostly go in bits of the countryside where everything is calm and we mostly don't go to roads where there are cars and noise. Once every while we come to a narrow passage. I love narrow passages. Tonio doesn't like dogs though. In the last adventure we met one face to face. I'm usually scared of dogs if they're up close and they bark a lot. Ugghhh I don't like dogs too unless they don't bark and they're cute. Anyway me and my dad are soon going to write a blog about our next adventure on Saturday or Sunday so I hope you will like all our adventures, though it's going to take about 12 years to do all the numbers and we are maybe going to miss 5 or 6 adventures but we will try our best to do as many as we can.

Gianluca De Gringu


  1. Cannot wait to read more about your adventures Gianluca ::)

  2. Cannot wait to read more about your adventures keep it up :)