Sunday, 23 March 2014

Loonbeek to Huldenberg and back

The other week we encountered several different types of animal friends. Before the start of our walk we had parked by mistake next to node number 26, and disturbed a couple of ducks' favourite relaxation spot. They were still there today, and didn't bother to move away this time.

We walked on a path next to a rivulet, from the edge of Loonbeek towards Huldenberg. We discussed the many different names used to refer to flowing water and tried without much success to classify them in order of increasing scale. There's a spring, a stream, a brook, a rivulet, a river, a waterway and a canal. We noticed that at regular intervals there were tiny streams pouring water into a bigger stream, which could be called a rivulet or a small river.

Gianluca pointed out that 'spring' has at least three meanings: to jump, the season and flowing water. I also mentioned the mechanical spring. We agreed that, in any case, there's a subtle relation between all different meanings.

Today's walk wasn't a loop. We reached number 313 and walked back. The most picturesque spot was when we had to turn back, as otherwise the walk would be too long, and we made it a point to go back there the next time.

It was a very pleasant walk. As usual. Thank you for the lovely company, Gianluca!

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