Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Belgian, sunny Sunday afternoon experience

[By Tonio] Spring is finally with us. Not just the date, but the weather itself. Quite often now it's sunny and dry, and the light is brighter and lasts much longer. Bare branches are once again budding leaves, and one particular tree next to a railway track has a magnificent full crown of white flowers:

We set off again from no. 60 close to Leuven, this time heading towards no. 63. The first bit was through a relatively quiet residential area towards the forest and then the E40 motorway and a tunnel underneath it. On the way we sat down to rest on a bench at an exercise station in the forest:

Beyond the tunnel we reached an attractive area with forest paths. A short distance of 400 metres beyond this we reached no. 64, which was already 2.5 km from the starting point, so we needed to walk back to the start. We look forward to exploring this area in our next adventure.

Instead of going back from the same path we chose a different route, which wasn't part of the marked network, again across a railway track that we had crossed at a different position on our way out, and next to a brasserie where we simply had to stop and enjoy the Belgian sunny Sunday afternoon experience with a beer, a coke and one plate of frieten ("French" fries) each.

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