Friday, 8 April 2016

Montenegro adventure day 3

Today, we went to see the old town of Bar. First, we went over the mountains and I said, "Do people live in these old houses way up high in the mountains?" And Rado (our new taxi driver) said "In summer, people take food and drink and holiday there for about two or three days."

Then we went to a place but unfortunately though, I don't remember the name of it. [Comment by Tonio: Virpazar] We had the local food there which was a type of bread with honey and cheese. It was the best!



After that, we went to old town Bar, where we went to the fortifications of Bar and saw many spectaclar views and Rado pointed out that you could see the line of old town Bar and new town Bar. The city had two sides a new side and an old side.


Then, we went to the oldest tree in Europe. In Montenegrin the tree is called "Stara Maslina". It is an olive tree and is 2,000 years old and still produces olives! This tree has been put in protection in 1957. There we bought a magnet for Mum at home.

As we were going back to Hotel M, we passed by lake Skadar but for some reason we couldn't find any photos there. We came back to the hotel and ordered a pizza. It wasn't the best pizza ever but hey, as long as my stomach is full I'm fine with it. Tonio said "I shouldn't eat so much. It's unnecessary food." "But it's the holidays. In holidays you can eat as much as you want!" "Good point" he replied and ate two more pieces. Then we brushed our teeth and went to sleep. Did you have fun? If you did, join us next time on Montenegro adventures!


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