Friday, 8 April 2016

Montenegro adventure day 4

We started off by going to a river called Tara and it was beautiful. The water was turquoise and we took some pictures there.


Then we went to see a monastery called Dobrilovina. It was an Christian Orthodox monastery. Most of the monestaries in Montenegro are Christian Orthodox because it is the main religion in Montenegro. As we were going out, a white cat was following me out even out of the monastery and almost into the car!

Then we went to a skiing resort called Kolasin. There I had eaten some eggs and bacon. It was sooooooo good! So good I think my mouth watered when I saw it. Seriously, I highly recommend the food in Montenegro.

We passed on the river Tara again and we went on a old bridge which was supposed to be ok for cars but we had our doubts, so we went another way.

After a long while driving in the mountain we finally came to the Tara River Canyon. The bridge is 150m from the river. At that moment, it started snowing. I took a big rock and threw it into the river. It went to the side of the river. We took many pictures of the river Tara from there.

The next stop was Zabljak. The place that holds the Black Lake and tons of snow. We went to see the Black Lake but the snow was covering it. If only it was summer and we could go kayaking in the Black Lake. Soooo refreshing...

Then we went to a restaurant. It was where we had dinner. I tasted the local food of Zabljak which was some mashed potatoes and cheese all put together in one clot. Unfortunately though, it was the only food in all of Montenegro that I didn't like! So I swapped plates with Tonio and he had beef with bacon inside. That though, was great.

We had a long ride home and finally, when we came back, we brushed our teeth, I had a shower, and we went to sleep...

Did you enjoy it? If you did, then I'll see you next time on Montenegro Adventures!


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